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Our enterprise technology experience spreads across Finance, Purchase, HR, Manufacturing and Sales & Marketing. Our IT analysts leverage leading-edge technologies and in-depth experience to envision, architect and implement business processes and solutions.

Software Development Services

Software development division of VATS GROUP is righteous destination for all those clients, who are seeking to outsource their software projects, en route to success. We are the unequivocal destination, where one can have value and satisfaction of outsourcing their software development and software testing services. Our methodologies of judicious blend of business analysis and management, for offshore software development have whetted us, since our inception, enabling us to successfully accomplish projects at hand. We specialize in custom software development. Our engineers have gained competent experience in application software development and software testing. VATS GROUP understand their client’s business perspective and chooses the rightmost technology to design and deploy the products, following all grades of software development life cycle (SDLC). The Stages of software development life cycle followed at SCMS are:

Software/System Requirement Specification

In this initial stage of SDLC, our project leads meet the clients for detailed discussion for functional and nonfunctional course, design, and platform requirements. Also known as feasibility session, this stage outlines the scope of project, purpose, interfacing, resources involved, required functions, schedules, cost, and deliverables. After complete guidelines are created, proposal agreement is signed.

Software/System Requirement Analysis and Design

Our project managers and software developers analyze the accuracy and sufficiency of the requirement specified. Hardware and software architecture is designed developing a software module based on the design specification document. In short, the logical flow of the software product or service to be developed is created.

Code Generation and Testing

Code programmers write code according to the design specifications, adhering to coding standards.They utilize the latest tools and technologies that are best fit for the software development and client approved. The prototype design is sent for client approval, after which development process commences. As the code is generated, automated or manual testing is done alongside, to release bug free modules at pre-decided milestones.

Deployment, Training, and Support

Successful deployment and complete training is provided to the end-users. Our support and maintenance services accommodates for changes during post implementation stage. We provide high quality work that complies with international standards. It's easy, fun, and very affordable to outsource your project with us!

Software Maintenance

India has emerged as a leading provider of software services and products. Along with software development services an added area that is gaining much attention is software support and maintenance services. VATS GROUP is a software development company providing reliable software development and sound software maintenance support services from India. In software maintenance, the word ‘maintenance’ involves activities on the developed and delivered software in order to correct errors, to improve performance or other attributes, or to acclimatize the product to a modified environment. VATS GROUP provides offshore software maintenance services for organizations needing software maintenance and support. Software maintenance is an integral part of software development life cycle. We at SCMS provide end-to-end outsourcing software maintenance services ensuring that issues related to software maintenance are resolved in a timely and efficient manner with minimum timeframe for critical applications. VATS GROUP is well equipped in developing, maintaining and fixing bugs in software maintenance. With our vast expertise we provide our customers a dedicated team who perform the task at hand amid well defined procedures and methodologies. Software maintenance services from SCMS include:

  • Correcting errors (Bug Fixes) Our team analyzes and provides quality support and maintenance in an efficient and timely manner.
  • Product / Service Stabilization This service includes maintenance for enhancements due to change in hardware and software system or change in the working environment of the product.
  • Integration with New Application Our profession team is capable of seamless services and deliver scalable solutions that are in sink with the fast changing technologies. Our services include all the major software maintenance elements:
  • Corrective or traditional maintenance deals with fixing bugs present in the code.
  • Adaptive maintenance addresses adapting the software to new environments.
  • Perfective maintenance targets updating the software as regards to changes in user requirements.
  • Lastly, Preventive maintenance deals with revising documentation and making the software more maintainable.
Each offshore software maintenance service enables us in a new valuable learning thus facilitating us to further enhance our expertise to deliver quality service.

Software Testing

Testing is an extremely crucial phase of the software development life cycle (SDLC) and developers today face most demanding customers who expect 100% flawless functioning of the applications in use. Olive’s Software Testing Division employs a whole range of sophisticated testing methods to make sure that we deliver only top quality solutions to our customers and conform to the most rigid standards of software quality assurance (SQA). Opting for Olive’s high quality testing services will meet quick turnaround needs, help minimise the cost of customer support and optimise customer satisfaction by detecting and fixing all bugs and flaws before the software reaches end-users. More

Business Process Automation

Business process and workload automation helps ensure enhanced efficiency, significant cost reduction and faster turnaround. Olive provides a full spectrum of BPA services and solutions, enabling to automate business process flows – so that strategic decisions can be consistently executed across operational systems, channels and customer touch points. Our experienced professionals will study business modules and develop tailor-made applications employing the most suitable technology platforms and following best industry practices. The high-end technology components are then seamlessly integrated to substitute/supplement manual processes – resulting into smooth information flow, lower operational costs, greater productivity and reduced risks. More